Best Buy Blog covers CES 2022 Toucan’s new Security and Video Conferencing tech

Best Buy Blog covers CES 2022 Toucan’s new Security and Video Conferencing tech

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At CES 2022, big announcements from Toucan were not only to expand into their suite of smart home products, but bring new technology into the work from home space as well.

Many of us have been working from home for nearly two years now, and with our workplaces shifting to hybrid models or full work from home, we need technology that can adapt to these changing needs. The Toucan Connect Video Conference product line provides some new technological solutions for working from home and virtual office models.

Toucan Stream Webcam
Toucan Stream Webcam

First, there’s the Toucan Stream Webcam. This very compact webcam features 1080p output with an 89 degree field of vision and is essentially plug and play with a USB-C cable. It features flexible mounting options as well. You can either use the included universal monitor mount, or attach it to a tripod instead.

Then there’s the portable Toucan SC100 Video Conference Speaker. This is something that could be used at home or even in a small group conference setting. It’s a cylindrical speaker that sits out on a table (and connects via Bluetooth or USB) and features 4 echo-canceling microphones (to pick up sound from any direction,) a 5 watt speaker, a USB port (to connect a webcam or USB drive) and plug and play capabilities.

If you’re looking for a little of both, however, there’s the Toucan Video Conference HD. This essentially combines the best of both worlds and features a 4-microphone speaker along with a removable webcam. Like the other products, the Video Conference System is compact and has an extremely small footprint for your desk or a table top.

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