Protecting your Home and Family
We are committed to protecting you, your privacy and your family. Share your devices with 1 additional user, download 5 video events and review videos for 24hrs within the FREE Toucan App service. Click here to see plans, features and benefits with a 30 day FREE trial.

Auto Greetings
If you want to disguise your voice for any reason or would just prefer to have auto responses set during the evening, use the auto greetings to automatically respond for you, or if you prefer you can record your own auto response within the app. Either set a timed schedule, set to always on, or play the relevant greeting when you are in "live" mode.
Download and store your video events within the Toucan app to your album. From your album you can share videos by sending them to friends and family, share on social media, email or simply download and store on your device.
Motion Zones
Busy road? no problem! Set motion zones within the Toucan App to deactivate areas of motion detection. You will only be alerted to the things you want to see.
Instant Notifications
Receive instant notifications on on your mobile phone when motion is detected so you can take action. Communicate with a delivery driver, sound a siren alarm or play an auto greeting.
Two-Way Talk
Communicate with visitors using the two-way talk feature. Tell delivery drivers where to leave packages, see food deliveries and ask unwanted callers to leave.
Snooze Function
Don't want your camera to send alerts or record videos for a certain time? set the "snooze" function for a period of time or set a schedule for the same time each day. Once active you will not receive notifications and video events will not be created so you can mow the lawn without being captured on camera.
Video Events and Playback
When motion is detected around your home your Toucan device will automatically record videos of the event and store them safely into the cloud. Tap on the "events" tab within the Toucan App to playback, download and review videos captured. You can also delete or save to your album.
Siren Alarm, Call Emergency Services
If you see a potential intruder or suspect unusual activity around your home, simply launch the Toucan App live feed to sound a siren alarm to scare them away. Also call your emergency contact directly from the Toucan App.
Works with Alexa and Google
Pair your Toucan devices with your Alexa or Google home using their app. Once paired you can set up motion detection announcements, ring announcements (doorbell only) and if you have a device with a screen you can see what the camera is seeing by asking your device to “show me”.

Download or update the Toucan Smart Home app
free from the App Store or Google Play.

The Toucan App allows you to control all of your Toucan Smart Home devices in one place. Tailored to suit your needs, the FREE version gives you everything required to monitor your home day and night. If you would like to add more users, get longer cloud storage or change the duration of your video recordings explore the Toucan Shield plan options, click here to see more.