Toucan Connect Video Conference System 360°



The Toucan Video Conference System 360° is a complete conference solutionWith 4 omnidirectional microphones and AI intelligent speaker tracking everyone in the room can be seen and heard clearly.  Featuring echo and noise cancellation, a full 360° conference camera, a 5W speaker, and a simple plug-and-play interface, this conference system will ensure seamless team meetings but is also great for solo meetings with the ability to simply focus on one person. 

  • Plug and Play - with no extra software needed simply connect with the included USB cable and you're ready to go.
  • Works seamlessly with most conference software.
  • 4 Display modes -
    • Panorama - full 360° view
    • Split -two 180° views top and bottom
    • Focus - focuses on the speaker (great if you're on your own)
    • Grid - split screen showing 4 views. 
  • With built-in multidirectional (omnidirectional), advanced real-time echo and noise-canceling microphones mean you will be heard from anywhere in the room.
  • 5W speaker provides excellent quality sound on a call. 
  • The system's advanced Voice Tracking automatically tracks and focuses on the person speaking.
  • Designed with flexibility and hybrid working. 
  • Its elegant design with a small footprint will fit on any conference table or desktop.
  • Listen to music when not on a call. 
  • Portable and easy to take with you from home, to office to meeting room. 

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