Celebrating Innovation Day 2024

February 16th is officially worldwide Innovation Day, but here at Toucan, we pride ourselves on making every day an innovation day! 

Our team works tirelessly to develop brand new products designed to offer smart home security and office connectivity solutions while also incorporating new, exciting features into existing items.

To celebrate Innovation Day, here are four of our favourite features we’d love to shout about:

RADAR Motion Detection 

It’s easy to set up a customisable, consistent security zone of up to 30ft so that your Toucan Smart Home products are focusing on the areas important to you, sending instant notifications to your smartphone when motion is detected, all within the free Toucan Smart Home App – no subscription required.

AI Human Detection

You can upgrade your free subscription to a Pro account to enjoy an added layer of security with AI human detection*. This advanced human detection technology ensures that you receive alerts only when human activity is detected, reducing false alarms caused by other motion triggers.

 *available only with a Pro subscription

Toucan Smart Home App

All of our home security items can be paired with the Toucan Smart Home App, which is free to download and unlike competitor brands, was designed in house and requires no paid for subscription packages so you’ll have no monthly fees to pay. The app allows you to control and access wide angle, full HD video, 24/7, live on demand. When you aren’t proactively watching footage live, inbuilt motion sensors will send instant alerts to your smart device flagging movement wherever you are in the world.

Because your footage is stored on the cloud rather than in base stations or SD cards, you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection without the need for any physical storage devices. The cloud also offers encrypted security to protect your user data.  

The Ultimate Video Conferencing Solution

The Toucan Video Conference System 360 features omnidirectional microphones with real-time echo and noise cancellation, a full 360° conference camera, a 5W speaker, and a simple plug-and-play interface. This ensures everyone can be seen and heard and there’s no need for meeting participants to download any additional apps or software to get involved, so no more last minute panics when joining!

And finally…

As it’s Innovation Day, we couldn’t resist teasing an upcoming, game changing feature we’re currently working hard on incorporating into the Toucan Smart Home security range… solar panel chargers! Watch this space for more on that soon!