Seamless Connectivity: The Toucan Connect 360° Experience

In the fast-paced landscape of modern work, effective communication stands as the keystone of success. The Toucan Connect Video Conference System 360° emerges as a comprehensive solution for anyone seeking seamless connectivity in virtual interactions. Let's delve into the features that position this conference system as a game-changer. 

Complete Conference Solution

The Toucan 360° system serves as an all-encompassing conference companion. Engineered with 4 omnidirectional microphones and AI intelligent speaker tracking, it ensures that everyone in the room is not just seen but heard with utmost clarity. 

Advanced Audio Capabilities

Experience virtual meetings like never before with advanced echo and noise cancellation, delivering crystal-clear audio. The system's 5W speaker guarantees excellent sound quality, elevating the quality of every call. 

Plug and Play Convenience

Say goodbye to complexities with a straightforward setup – plug in with the included USB cable, and you're good to go. Seamlessly integrating with most conference software, the Toucan 360° system brings forth unparalleled convenience. 

Versatile Display Modes

Tailor your meeting experience with an array of display modes: 

Panorama: Revel in a full 360° view of the room. 

Split: Divide the screen into two 180° views, top and bottom. 

Focus: Perfect for solo meetings, zeroing in on the speaker. 

Grid: A split-screen presenting 4 views for comprehensive coverage. 

Flexibility for Every Setting 

Adaptability is at the heart of the Toucan 360° system. Its elegant design and compact footprint make it a seamless addition to any conference table or desktop. 

Voice Tracking Technology

Experience dynamic conversations with the advanced Voice Tracking feature, automatically focusing on the person speaking for an engaging and interactive discussion. 

Elevating Hybrid Working 

As the working landscape transforms into a hybrid model, the Toucan 360° system effortlessly transitions from home to office to meeting room. Its portability ensures you stay connected wherever work or life takes you. 

Beyond Meetings

While ideal for professional settings, the Toucan 360° system transcends its primary function. It adds a touch of entertainment to your space, allowing you to enjoy music when not engaged in a call, further amplifying its versatility. 

Elevate your virtual meetings and stay seamlessly connected with the Toucan Connect Video Conference System 360°. From advanced audio capabilities to versatile display modes, this system defines a new standard in connectivity. Step into the future of smart living with Toucan, where every meeting becomes an immersive and engaging experience.