Security Highlights and Tips for Autumn

As the leaves change and the temperature drops, autumn brings its own set of security considerations for homeowners. From longer nights to holiday travel plans, it's essential to adapt your security measures to ensure a safe and cozy season. Here are some key security highlights and tips for autumn: 

  1. Exterior Lighting Matters 

With daylight hours growing shorter, adequate exterior lighting becomes crucial. Well-lit exteriors not only enhance the beauty of your home but also deter potential intruders. Consider installing motion-activated lights around your property to illuminate entryways or pathways. The light on the Toucan Security Light Camera can be turned on manually, on schedule, or when it detects motion making it the perfect choice to help you shed some light in those vulnerable areas.

  1. Lock Up and Reinforce Entry Points 

Autumn often means closed windows and doors to keep the cold out. Ensure all entry points, including windows, doors, and even the garage, are securely locked. Consider reinforcing weak entry points with additional locks or security bars for added protection. 

  1. Home Security Checkup 

Before the holiday season kicks in, it's an excellent time for a home security checkup. Test your security devices, including alarms, cameras, and motion sensors, to ensure they're working optimally. You can view the status of all your devices from the Toucan Smart Home App.

  1. Timed Lighting for Travel 

If you plan to travel during the autumn season, create the illusion of an occupied home with timed lighting. Use timers to schedule lights to turn on and off at different times. This simple trick can discourage potential burglars by making it appear that someone is home. 

  1. Landscape Maintenance 

Falling leaves and overgrown shrubs can obscure views of your property, providing cover for intruders. Regularly clear leaves and maintain your landscaping to ensure there are no hidden spots around your home. Trim bushes and trees near windows to eliminate potential hiding places. 

  1. Security Cameras for Added Peace of Mind 

Consider upgrading your home security with devices like the Toucan Security Light Camera, now equipped with advanced human detection technology (for PRO subscribers). This innovative feature ensures that you receive alerts only when human activity is detected, reducing false alarms caused by other motion triggers. With features like radar motion detection, two-way talk, and customizable motion zones, you can enhance your home's safety and surveillance capabilities. Stay connected to your home, even when you're away, and receive instant notifications of any unusual activity. 

  1. Neighborhood Watch 

Autumn is a great time to connect with your neighbours and consider starting or joining a neighborhood watch group. Collaborative efforts can help deter crime and create a stronger sense of community security. 

Autumn brings a unique charm and cozy atmosphere, but it's essential to stay vigilant when it comes to home security. By implementing these tips and investing in the right security measures, you can enjoy the season with peace of mind, knowing that your home is well-protected.